Microsoft’s vision of digital transformation has us excited about the new ways we can help our customers thrive. Each Dynamics 365 application solves real problems and delivers real value.

An increasingly connected digital world has changed the way customers engage with brands. Customer expectations continue to rise with regards to the number and variety of channels and devices through which they expect to engage, and the speed and ease with which issues are resolved.

CRI8IVE  can help you combine them in a way that fits your organization – to help you transform your business to its fullest potential.

CRI8IVE  is fully equipped to deliver modern and innovative industry solutions. Our vast experience and capabilities ensure that you’re empowered with competitive advantage and value.

Purpose Built

Get individual apps that work brilliantly on their own or together—so you can tailor a solution to your needs. And with Business and Enterprise editions, you’re covered from a few employees to thousands

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Dynamics 365 Productivity


Increase your employees productivity with Dynamics CRM. Dynamics 365 pulls together your business process apps and familiar Microsoft Office 365 tools. Employees can do CRM tasks in Outlook and ERP tasks in Excel.

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Adaptive Intelligence

Improve your decisions with data. With Microsoft Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning built in, Dynamics 365 helps you and your employees turn big data into actionable plans.

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Sales Capability – Turn relationships into revenue

Sell more, faster with Dynamics 365 for Sales. It brings digital intelligence into each deal, so you can predict customer needs—and meet them with personal attention that builds relationships and revenue.

Customer Service Capability – Improve Customer Experience

Improve agent productivity, reduce cost/case, improve first contact resolution rate

Decrease agent rep turnover, training time

Improve brand/product sentiment and overall CSAT scores

Increase up-sell/cross-sell conversion rate

Respond quickly to market pressures and demands through better visibility and insights.

  • Use customer history, preferences and real-time and historical insights to personalise every interaction.

Business Intelligence Capability

Real-time views of key service metrics with fully customisable, interactive dashboards.


Use the built-in capabilities of Office 365, Power BI, and Excel to accurately track progress, share best practices, and forecast customer needs.


Use data to identify trends and for root cause analysis. Leverage machine learning to surface relevant knowledge articles and cases to agents.

Marketing Capability – Deliver powerful customer experiences

Market smarter by successfully engaging prospects, building a qualified pipeline of leads, and demonstrating the impact of their marketing efforts using Dynamics 365 for Marketing.

Project Automation Capability

Run your project-based business more productively and profitably using Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation. It helps you successfully manage your projects and satisfy your clients.

Field Service Capabilities

Turn service calls into a strategic advantage with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. It provides everything your teams need—from optimised scheduling to predictive maintenance.

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