Business Intelligence

Power BI

Experience your data. Any data, any way, anywhere

With Power BI you can see all of your data through a single pane of glass. Live dashboards and reports show visualizations and KPIs from data that reside both on-premises and in the cloud, providing a consolidated view across your business regardless of where you data lives.

Common BI Challenges..

  • End-to-end view – Data often resides in disparate locations, making it difficult to see a complete picture of your business
  • Multiple data sources – Data residing in SaaS solutions and other external locations is difficult to access and refresh securely
  • Right data for the right users at the right time – Different roles have different needs and business users need the latest operational data

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables

  • fast and easy access to your data
  • a live 360º view of your business
  • data discovery and exploration
  • insights from any device
  • collaboration across your organization
  • anyone to visualize and analyze data
Seeing is Believing

We demonstrate product capabilities using YOUR actual data to harness the power of Power BI, using our Seeing is Believing model

Data Challaneges

We ask you what your challenges are and work with you until you are satisfied with the outcome

Consultative approach

We work in a consultative approach to provide the best solution to your data challenges and requirement

Experience an Ultimate BI/Data Analytics Solution in Excel

Do you have difficulty finding the right data to generate insightful reports? Do you need to mash up your internal data with other external data? Do you have a limited budget to spend on a powerful and highly interactive data exploration and visualisation tool? Do you need to access your data and reports on your mobile device?

Key benefits and differentiators of Power BI

Pre-built dashboards and reports for popular SaaS solution

Intuitive data exploration using natural language query

Integrated with familiar Microsoft products and utilizes commitment for scale & availability in Azure

Secure, live connection to your data sources, on-premises and in the cloud

Real-time dashboard updates

Fast deployment, hybrid configuration, secure, and integrated with existing IT systems.

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